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Examples of Early 20th Century & Victorian Dust Jackets

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Dust Jacket Galleries:

Artists Also Include:

Harrison Fisher
Howard Chandler Christy
Mary Roberts Rinehart
Anna Katharine Green
Grace Livingston Hill (New)
Abbey Mystery Dust Jackets

Frank Craig
Charles Dana Gibson
Henry Hutt
Martin Justice
Will Grefe
Margaret Armstrong . . .

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Victorian &
Early Twentieth Century
Dust Jackets

Frederic Orin Bartlett
Robert Chambers
Paul Leicester Ford

Anna Katharine Green
Bret Harte
Grace Livingston Hill
Frederick Isham
Harold MacGrath
George Barr McCutcheon
Mary Roberts Rinehart
Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth
Bert Leston Taylor
Alice Ames Winter
Mrs. Wilson Woodrow . . .

Mystery & Murder
Dust Jackets

J. S. Fletcher
Anna Katharine Green
Joseph Hocking
William Le Queux
Harold MacGrath
George Barr McCutcheon
E. Phillips Oppenheim
Mary Roberts Rinehart
Paul Trent
Edgar Wallace . . .

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A Word About the Dust Jackets I've Collected.

As a lifelong lover of old books and beautiful images, it seems only natural that dust jackets should end up being such an enriching part of owning a book and one I'd feel like sharing. The Victorian era and the Early Twentieth Century have always been of strong interest to me. Some very beautiful books were printed during that time—many with gorgeous illustrations. As you peruse these pages, you will see a number of first edition dust jackets, many examples of well-known authors and artists, and also some you may not recognize—who were very popular in their time, but are less well-remembered today. You will also see many reprint dust jackets. All of them—first editions and reprints, obscure and famous alike—wonderful examples (I think) of the veneer of graceful beauty and stylish imagery that characterized much of popular culture in the Victorian era and the early twentieth century. I have sought out what I felt evoked the beauty, the elegance, the class, the mystery, and sometimes the slightly sensational aspects of these decades. It is my hope that the website will become a fun and informative resource for collectors.

Please enjoy! If you are looking for something very specific, and don't see it on these pages, please consider checking out my Links page or contacting me. I may know how to help you to find what you are looking for.

At present, I am no longer creating and selling facsimile dust jackets. I apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause.
I suffer from a chronic illness, which has made the work increasingly difficult at times.

The books and dust jackets are also rare enough that the demand for facsimiles was also understandably rare, leading to a lot of wasting of paper and ink at times (to keep the printer printing at optimum levels) and consequently too much expense for the exceedingly low rates I was charging.

So regretfully, for both practical and personal reasons, I've decided I need to commit to spending my alottment of time and energies elsewhere. Thank you to all those who supported me over the years! I have enjoyed working with you!

I hope people will still enjoy visiting the website as a pleasurable and educational resource. I apologize for any inconsistencies on the website while I'm working to update it with these changes.

--Kandice McCallum, Lady Bluestocking

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments:

All images are from my own personal collection
unless marked otherwise.

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